Hi! I’m Christine. I’m an artist experimenting with telling visual stories online. I blend my photography & thoughts in hopes of evoking something new in me or you.

The intimate details of nature inspire me. My favorite part of each day is hiking with my dog and my camera… treasure hunting for new ways of seeing and being.

Feel free to…

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  • Email me –  christineamuse@gmail.com

If you live nearby, come create with me in my art studio,  I’m always re-arranging or re-purposing something. I’m obsessed with creating and I loved to inspire & support  your creative adventures.

Many of the photos you see on this blog are available as prints and or digital licensing. I am an artist and a design consultant. If you would like information about my rates or anything else, I would love to hear from you. Contact me at christineamuse@gmail.com for more information.  All content on this blog is ©(copyright) 2012 Christine M. Young. If you share any of my photos or posts, kindly link back. Thank You.

  1. Create a Poem | Christine Create

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