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Moving Day

I know of no other way to perfection but love. ~ St. Therese Of Lisieux

It’s moving day. I am taking the leap today, moving this blog over to my new website. I’m in the thick of designing a space that combines my new passion for photography along with my paintings and other aspects of my creative life. It’s not done and I’m not ready, my perfectionist tendencies have turned what I thought might be a 3 week project into 3 months of fussing.

The new site is not perfect, but I love where it’s going and I look forward to your feedback. You have helped shape this blog. I’m grateful that you find time to stop in and visit and I hope you join me at my new cyber home. The new blog/website will continue to have random posts that blend of my photography & thoughts in hopes of evoking something new in me or you.

Click here to join me at my NEW website I’m excited to share my new home with you.




Transparent Transformation

Have you ever noticed that the word “myself” contains the word “elf”? ~ Gwen Bell

I feel like a little elf sometimes when I slip through the forest finding all kinds of creatures, My cousin once commented ‘Do you live in Sherwood Forest?’ I just cracked up, but this week I do feel like I’ve lived in the forest. It’s been magical… the weather is superb, a little bit of summer in October and I’ve been spending way too much time outside.

My favorite find on my daily hikes was this amazing yellow caterpillar at the top of a twig, it’s difficult to shoot caterpillars on the ground so I was just beside myself when I found this little guy so perfectly posed up in the air! BUT, I did not have my camera, I was taking my dog Sunrise for a short walk to the pond, it was lunch time and the lighting in the middle of the day is so harsh for most photos so I headed out without my camera. When I found this fuzzy little wonder in the shade, I RAN back to the house to retrieve what is usually always strapped around my shoulder! I RAN back to the area he was in and it took me forever to find him again. It made me realize how much of a meditation my walks can be, when I’m not looking for the shot, when I’m just wandering in awe of nature, she reveals her treasures, when I’m furiously looking for something in particular ~ no luck. I found this beauty once again after I just sat down and knew my eyes would get there. Can you believe there were still dew drops on him at noon on such a warm day?

Breath Taking

Yellow Fuzz ~ Yellow Reflection

Transparent Transformation


Autumn Daisies

Field of Beans

Autumn Stars


Autumn Joy

White Whiskers

I don’t want the warmth to end, but it will. Life goes on and the change of season reveals the life and death cycle. I watched the yellow butterfly take its last breaths, it broke my heart, but it seemed to live a long life, the wings were tattered and almost see-through. I’ve heard that we get transparent as we age, which brings us closer to what is beyond ♥

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Before & After Inspiration

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


I love waking up happy and it seems to be occurring more often. I am not a morning person and it often takes me a couple of hours to feel joy and energy flowing, but I think I’m shifting! One of the key factors that is helping me feel energized is deciding to take a good hard look at my never-ending ‘to do’ list and decide what I actually want to do.

My list was huge and overwhelming, but after committing a few mornings to getting it organized, I feel that a weight has been lifted. As I dive in and tackle some tasks, I’m creating support systems that are keeping me on track. Warning, I’m feeling a bit preachy here ~ but it helps me stay on track to actually write this stuff down! The steps I’m taking are simple, but I have to keep reminding myself to…

  • Set an intention. When I set an intention I seem to be able to stay on track with the big picture, rather than getting lost in the details. I’m a recovering perfectionist, I can often wander and take on new tedious tasks rather than finishing what I started.
  • Decide what I want. It’s interesting how deciding what I don’t want is easier than deciding what I really want. How do you figure out what your heart wants?
  •  Set and stick to deadlines. I make a lot of deadlines in my head which I often change or forget about. So I’ve been making deadlines on paper and sharing with others what I am committed to doing and when I intend to finish.

Reaching out has been the biggest motivator. When I involve others in my process, I am much more likely to follow through. I’ve been taking before & after photos of my projects and sending them to girlfriends who are also sending me their b&a rooms or projects that have been cleaned, painted, or changed in some way.

I’ve also been participating in Jillsygirls party themes as a motivator to sort and share my photos, thank Jill! And, I’ve been staying connected to blogger friends sharing and listening to hopes and fears and taking in any feedback. Just sharing what’s on my mind allows me to reflect and refocus. I continue to be impressed with the cyber communities ability to share and support. Thank you. I appreciate every single on of you.

Here are a few before & after projects I finally finished…


I would love to know what helps you create, what ever it is you want to create?

Since sometimes all it takes is to write it down or tell someone what you are committed to, if you’re in the mood, write a comment that finishes one or all of these sentences…

This week

I will finish…

I will create…

I will fix…

This week I will finish painting the bathroom. I’m actually going to give myself the next two weeks to get this done. I have lots of half-finished projects from last weeks list, so I’ll add this to the mix. I’m not good at concentrating on just one thing, I get bored or frustrated with being locked in. I’ve found that if I have a few choices, I can let my moods dictate which project to jump into. I know I’m contradicting what I said earlier about setting an intention, but that’s how I roll. I change my mind a lot. And its okay 🙂

Wings of Change

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