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Frog & Fly

Up high, the flies are playing,

And frolicking, and swaying.

The frog thinks: Dance! I know

You’ll end up here below.

~ Wilhelm Busch

All the critters are coming out to play. When the frogs come out, the sound of 100’s of them croaking at the same time can drown out all other sounds … it amazes me how loud they are. When I get to the edge of the water to find the frogs they tend to jump in and disappear, this guy was more curious than afraid.

I have been spending way too much time outside the last couple of weeks. The weather has been incredible, a dose of summer at the beginning of spring. At some point I’ll catch up with my photo sorting and share the bounty, but it’s just too nice out to be inside, today it may get up to 86° whoo hooo!

P.S. I know many of you can not comment. Thanks for trying, I’m not sure what the problem is?  I have an appointment today with my computer guy. If he can’t fix the issue, I’ll be transferring over to my new website in hopes of solving the problem. My site is still a work in progress, but if it solves this issue it will be worth it.


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We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a Universe if there is no audience? We are that audience. ~ Ray Bradbury

Yesterday I talked my husband into getting up early to take us to the Michigan Fungus Fest. It was fun and so informative, the festival seemed to be focused on the culinary and academic side of mushrooms. I don’t seem to have room yet in my brain to learn the Latin names and you need to put in a lot of time and research before eating many of the species to avoid the poisonous ones, maybe someday? The beauty and bizarreness of mushrooms is what gets me excited. I love hunting for them and when I find a new one to photograph I get so excited.

grey mushroom

It was a beautiful day and I found more than mushrooms…

wood frog

wood frog

tree frog

Today I was working on the computer putting this post together and my husband pulled up a chair to sit beside me and I was shocked to see another tree frog on the leg of the chair! The frog was a wonderful model, he/she allowed me to take many photos, even after we put him/her outside on the deck. (How he/she got inside is still a mystery)

tree frog

tree frog

tree frog

tree frog

Three frogs hopping into my life in two days feels so auspicious. In feng shui the three-legged frog is a symbol of abundance. This frog had four legs but only one eye, I wonder what that means?

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