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Let It Rain

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. ~ Longfellow

I walked out into the fog & rain this morning and wandered to the ponds outback. It felt like I was living somewhere magical and beautiful. You’d never know that a giant grocery superstore is being built just behind these trees!

Fog can put a lovely layer of beauty in-between the chaos that exists.

The colors that come out when it’s damp are so exquisite.

On my way back to the house, I found this red drop coming from this blue berry, it must have been there long enough to extract some of the juices in the berry? Raindrops & fog who could ask for a better morning to wander.

Have you seen these dreamy photos that the google street view cameras took…


A few photo tips I learned from google street view camera:

  • Travel to beautiful places.
  • Take more photos of empty streets, they lead the eye.
  • Go shoot when it’s foggy, everything looks dreamy.

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