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Anal Retentive Randomness

Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are. ~Lady Gaga

Perfect Path

Winter Web

Wallpaper Water

Frozen Stems

Divine Drips

Bokeh Berries

Perfect Position

Over the weekend I put together 5 different collections of photos to share with you, all with beautiful themes or color stories, but I finally settled on this random collection in a small attempt to let it be… let it be.

I’ve think I’ve spent over 20 years trying to learn how to NOT try too hard. Some of the  books I’ve read, workshops, therapists, and deep love poured into me from incredible family and friends rubs off and I can let down, let go, do less than I think I’m capable of, attempt to relax and just play,,, but for the most part it doesn’t last I soon find my way back to trying too hard… paying attention to every damn detail…Trying to get it right even when I know there is no Right.

The perfectionist side of me may always aches to create some kind of beautiful order from the chaos that life is?? It’s just part of my personality, I try too hard and that’s okay.

What part of your personality have you learned to embrace rather than TRY to fix?


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Life at best is bittersweet. ~Jack Kirby

I found a new hike yesterday. It is so fun to stumble upon a new place to explore. Besides finding the trails I found some new subjects to photograph. These bittersweet berries put on such a display of color, first they are green, then yellow which ripens to orange. And, for the grand finale they open up and reveal a beautiful red belly.

As I wandered past the tangled vines of bittersweet, from a distance I spotted this huge wasps nest, it’s bigger than a basketball. I’ve never seen one so big. I’m most impressed by the curl and swirl of the papery layers, it’s such a beautiful old home.

These three finds… a new trail, bittersweet vines, and an empty nest all seem to symbolize the emotions that are washing through me and my extended family. Last week we said goodbye to my grandmother, she lived a rich and inspiring 94 years.

Because of her influence, I am inspired to live a life full of adventure and intimate connection. I have so many more emotions and words swimming around, but it’s still too raw to share more than this.

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Berries Galore

 On the motionless branches of some trees, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads, as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels. ~ Charles Dickens

I’ve noticed so many acorns this fall, perhaps it’s a ‘mast’ year for oaks…every 7 years or so, they drop many more acorns than normal to ensure survival. And, it seems the berries are having bigger yields than normal too, or maybe I’m just noticing them more than other years?

What have you noticed lately?

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Transparent Transformation

Have you ever noticed that the word “myself” contains the word “elf”? ~ Gwen Bell

I feel like a little elf sometimes when I slip through the forest finding all kinds of creatures, My cousin once commented ‘Do you live in Sherwood Forest?’ I just cracked up, but this week I do feel like I’ve lived in the forest. It’s been magical… the weather is superb, a little bit of summer in October and I’ve been spending way too much time outside.

My favorite find on my daily hikes was this amazing yellow caterpillar at the top of a twig, it’s difficult to shoot caterpillars on the ground so I was just beside myself when I found this little guy so perfectly posed up in the air! BUT, I did not have my camera, I was taking my dog Sunrise for a short walk to the pond, it was lunch time and the lighting in the middle of the day is so harsh for most photos so I headed out without my camera. When I found this fuzzy little wonder in the shade, I RAN back to the house to retrieve what is usually always strapped around my shoulder! I RAN back to the area he was in and it took me forever to find him again. It made me realize how much of a meditation my walks can be, when I’m not looking for the shot, when I’m just wandering in awe of nature, she reveals her treasures, when I’m furiously looking for something in particular ~ no luck. I found this beauty once again after I just sat down and knew my eyes would get there. Can you believe there were still dew drops on him at noon on such a warm day?

Breath Taking

Yellow Fuzz ~ Yellow Reflection

Transparent Transformation


Autumn Daisies

Field of Beans

Autumn Stars


Autumn Joy

White Whiskers

I don’t want the warmth to end, but it will. Life goes on and the change of season reveals the life and death cycle. I watched the yellow butterfly take its last breaths, it broke my heart, but it seemed to live a long life, the wings were tattered and almost see-through. I’ve heard that we get transparent as we age, which brings us closer to what is beyond ♥

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Eureka ~ I Finally Found One… More than One :)

The artist is a receptacle for the emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. ~ Pablo Picasso quotes

Tiny Treasures


Necklace Strands

Pizza Pie in the Sky

Center Stage

Dream Catcher

Crystal Ball

Happy Hour

Porch Poetry


Spiderwebs amaze me, they are intricate and simple, delicate and strong, beautiful and creepy. I’ve been saving my stash of web shots in hopes of adding one with water, I covet photos of wet webs and could not seem to find any myself for the past year…until this week. I had the most magical morning on Tuesday and the highlight was finding these miniature webs tucked in between blades of grass. Have you ever seen such tiny miracles!? They are about the size of a quarter. I hope you enjoyed my entire collection so far ( I’m know I’m a photo hoarder ).

If you would like to see some more tiny miracles check out these beautiful grains of sand, thanks for the link Amy.

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Baby Blue

My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather. ~Loire Hartwould


At the Top

Searching Left

All Alone

Searching Right

Left Again

Where is Everybody!

have you ever seen such a cute blue jay!?

i was hiking on one of my regular trails and came upon this baby chick all by himself.

i know the blues can be bullies at the bird feeders, but how can anyone resist this little guy?

he hopped his way to the top of this dead tree and seemed to be looking for family ~ who knows, i make stuff up about animals all the time.

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Love Doves

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. ~ C.S. Lewis

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