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Travel Tips

To travel is to live. ~ Hans Christian Andersen

My husband is a road warrior. Travel is second nature to him. He’s an expert at all of the nuances that make his adventures run a little smoother. He has very specific routines like packing the same bag the same way each time. This helps him find what he needs so quickly, he even zips each bag the same way so if he needs to get at something in the middle of night, he can do it all by feel.

I’m so impressed when I ask him for something and he has it in 2 seconds flat. I’m too random to adopt this routine but I have adopted a few of his travel tips. I roll my clothes to fit more in my carry-on. You can squish undies and socks into so many spots, even inside your shoes! Sometimes when I’m too stressed about fitting everything I want to take, I hand the task over to him. It’s like packing the car, he prefers to do all of it… his way. When I let go of my control issues and let him have at it, we both win 🙂

A few more tips that have made my trips more enjoyable…

  • One of my favorite app’s for travel is Gate Guru. When you’re on long layovers you can enjoy decent food at most airports using this food finder, it’s like a mini yelp for airports.
  • The Art of Non-Conformity is my favorite blog to read about travel. Today’s post inspired me to write about my travel tips, he has some great recommendations about which cards to use to get more frequent flyer miles & hotel perks.
  • When I travel with my husband, I get to use his noise reduction headphones and relax in the sky club enjoying free food & drinks in a comfortable setting. I even took a shower on a long layover which was so refreshing after an all night flight. It’s just amazing how these two things make traveling calmer and quieter. They are expensive for those of us who travel here and there but if I traveled more, I would spend the money on both.

I’m soaking up the warmth in Austin, TX for a few days, it’s so nice to be hiking in a t-shirt this time of year. Here’s a few shots from the flight…

this is a view inside and out from the delta sky lounge at our layover in atlanta

wet & warm

i could not resist taking a shot of the reflection in the laptop screen of this beautiful girl relaxed & reading as her neighbors are busy chatting and getting thing done on the computer

once we got above the rain storm it was beautiful

castles in the sky

beautiful layers of blues & whites

even some god’s light as the sun began to set, it was an easy travel day

Do you have any tips that have made your travel more enjoyable?


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