Moving Day

I know of no other way to perfection but love. ~ St. Therese Of Lisieux

It’s moving day. I am taking the leap today, moving this blog over to my new website. I’m in the thick of designing a space that combines my new passion for photography along with my paintings and other aspects of my creative life. It’s not done and I’m not ready, my perfectionist tendencies have turned what I thought might be a 3 week project into 3 months of fussing.

The new site is not perfect, but I love where it’s going and I look forward to your feedback. You have helped shape this blog. I’m grateful that you find time to stop in and visit and I hope you join me at my new cyber home. The new blog/website will continue to have random posts that blend of my photography & thoughts in hopes of evoking something new in me or you.

Click here to join me at my NEW website I’m excited to share my new home with you.



  1. #1 by Shea on March 23, 2012 - 1:07 pm

    love the green water – happy moving day… xoxox

  2. #2 by marmeladegypsy on March 25, 2012 - 10:51 am

    How wonderful — I’m catching up, going backwards, but now I think it’s time to go forward with you!

    I was thinking of you last week when I was at a three-day art workshop in Haslett (it’s on the blog) and how glorious it felt to have three days to play in the art without worrying about art or picking up the house. It was so exciting and freeing and I thought, “This might be a little bit how Christine is every day!” Off to check your new spot! Congratulations!

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